Welcome to Twilight Photographer!

I am Bharath lifestyle photographer specializing in portraits living in Gothenburg since 2017. Photography and film have always been some of my main interests and I shot on a hobby level for many years, but soon after meeting my wife the dream of being able to work as a photographer was awakened. I also started taking photo assignments in order to start a business.
In my visual style, I convey my love of magic with beautiful colors, dramatic contrasts, beautiful light and a dreamy softness.
The environment is an important part of getting that magical light, therefore I have spent a huge amount of time finding places that deliver both light and environment depending on the time of day and season. Therefore, all my photography takes place outdoors so that I can easily keep track of the weather, environment and light. Before the session, I therefore ask you what kind of environment you want and based on the above, we find the best place that suits you.