Welcome to Kids and Family Photography!
When was the last time you took pictures of the whole family? An investment in a children's photo shoot becomes a priceless memory.
It is also rare that you as a parent get the chance to be in the pictures yourself. So enjoy a lovely moment together and leave the job to me. For the finest photos of the most important people in your life.
We specialize in family photography.
We have extensive experience in photography, you will get the best photos from me and that you will love the photos for the rest of your life!​​​​​​
Location and weather...
Your family session can be in a nature, in a meadow or on the beach. We decide together what will suit best for your family.
Photo sessions usually take place in the evening. You can also book a photo session during weekends.
Once you have booked an appointment with me, there is a possibility to reschedule a photo session in case of bad weather or if one of us gets sick.
Artistic and Relaxed!
In my visual style, I convey my love of magic with beautiful colors, dramatic contrasts, beautiful light and a dreamy softness.
We photograph spring, summer, autumn and winter taking advantage of the special expressions of all seasons.
Describe your wishes in your booking request and we will adjust the photography accordingly.